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Not only do we hold live seminars online over the internet, I have also conducted many seminars in person. Have a look at this video which was recorded at a recent seminar that we held in Edmonton on December 2nd at the Fantasyland Hotel.

The World Financial Report Seminar
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Online Investment Seminars

Harold SeigelI'm Harold Seigel, owner of rarecoloreddiamonds.com, an investment firm specializing in investment quality diamonds. I've been in the investment business for over 30 years.

You may have heard my radio broadcasts on CNN, CNBC, Rush Limbaugh or my weekly radio show the World Financial Report.

Now is the time to consider alternative investments like hard assets; gold, diamonds, silver and art.

Europe has it's sovereign debt problems, and several countries are on the verge of financial collapse and currency devaluation. The US owes over 15 Trillion Dollars and the economy is in a very dangerous state. There's a potential war in the middle east that could cause oil prices to skyrocket. Paper assets like stocks and mutual funds and certain currencies do not do well during these uncertain conditions and massive inflation could be right around the corner.

Europeans call rare coloured diamonds "real estate in your pocket." You can literally walk around with a multi-million dollar diamonds in your pocket and nobody would even know. They can be sold in other currencies and respond to inflation as well as gold, without the risk. They're a very safe investment. They're portable, private wealth that can be transported across borders easily.

We resell your diamonds for you on our live online Auction house, www.hsfineauctions.com.

The minimum investment is $20,000 - so if you are a qualified investor and you would like to participate in our free online seminars, please fill out our registration form today.

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Rare Colored Diamonds is proud to offer diamonds graded by the GIAOnline Investment Seminars - Click for more details